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    Colegiul Naţional
    “Gh. Şincai” Baia Mare
    Baia Mare,
    Str. Gh. Şincai, Nr. 25
    Tel: 0262-211245,
    Fax: 0262-215664


    iunie 2017
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    A Short History of the “Gheorghe Sincai”NationalCollege

    The “Gheorghe Sincai”NationalCollegewas founded in 29June /12 July 1919. The first headmaster, appointed by the Ruling Council of Transylvania, was professor Gheorghe  Hetcou, PhD.,  who directed the school until 1940. At its opening, the high school had 172 students, 17 teachers, 8 classrooms and 2 laboratories: one of Chemistry and one of Physics. The library had a collection of 10 099 volumes.

    Between the two World-Wars, the number of graduates reaches 561. During the war, the Romanian high school is suspended, a Hungarian school taking its place.

    The “Gheorghe Sincai” high school reopened on the 1st of December 1944, but the courses were resumed only in January 1945, the canon and catechist Dr. Vasile Tiplea being the new headmaster. In 1956 the building was extended, 20 new classrooms and a gym being built. The extension continued in the 70’s, reaching up to 44 classrooms, a part of them soon to be arranged as laboratories.

    The high school’s affirmation at a national level is more powerful once the academic Olympiads are initiated. In 1956, the high school appears for the first time on the list of the schools with excellent performances, because of the honorable mention obtained by Man Maria at the Math National Olympiad. In the following years, the attendance in national Olympiads becomes one of the high school’s objectives, for both students and teachers, being a way of affirmation at a national level for them, and for the school. Between 1956-2009 the honours list grows at an impressive length (regarding the obtained distinctions), which represents a “business-card” of the high school: 649 awards at national Olympiads, 31 awards at international Olympiads.

    When it comes to sports, there were champion teams at a national level in gymnastics, basketball and volleyball, that obtained many prizes at regional competitions. But we think the most important fact is that 15 964 students graduated from this high school up to 2009, and most of them graduated universities or other institutions of superior education.


    Here are some big personalities that graduated from “Gheorghe Sincai”NationalCollege:


    Leon Prodan (1902-1984), professor dr. in Public Health at the University inBoston.

    Vasile Ghetie (1903-1990), titular member of the Romanian Academy, Honoris Causa doctor at the University in Leipzig, member of the Science Academy in New York, member of the Regal Society of Medicine in London, member of the Association of Compared Pathology in Paris

    Prof. Dr. Florian C. Ulmeanu (1903-1973), corresponding member of the Society of Physical Education in Belgium, as well as titular member of the Society of Bio-typology in Paris, and post morten member of the Academy of Medical Science.

    Dezideriu Duma (1905-1988), member of theAcademy ofMedical Science.

    Augustin Buzura (n. 1938), member of theRomanianAcademy, president of the Romanian Cultural Foundation.

    Marius Porumb (n. 1943), member of theRomanianAcademy, member of the Magna Graecia Institute inToronto.

    Mircea Flonta (n. 1932), member of theRomanianAcademy, Romanian philosopher, professor at the Philosophy Faculty of the University inBucharest.


    The list of personalities who imposed  themselves in the Romanian scientific and cultural life that were students of this high school is way longer and is permanently expanding. It will soon include many of the academic Olympiads laureates, both on a national and an international level. We think first of all about: Mihai Ciucu, Adrian Barbu, Ciprian Necula, Adrian Ionescu, Claudiu Supuran, Sorin Armeanu, Adrian Salic, Michnea Dragos and many others, some of them attending now  courses in big American, European and Romanian universities.


    The School’s Vision:


    The “Gheorghe Sincai” National College will be for the education system in Maramures  County a center of promoting, innovation and opportunities regarding: the didactic technology, the relationship between school and community, the formation of the teenagers as European citizens; a place where adolescents can learn and evolve in harmony, under the supervision of dedicated and active teachers; it is a school in which the human values will find a favourable medium for development.


    The School’sMission:


    The mission of the “Gheorghe Sincai”NationalCollegeis to form youth personality through:

    a)                          Development of intellectual abilities, of affective availability and practical skills through assimilation of humanist, scientific, technical and aesthetical knowledge.

    b)                          Assimilation of mental work techniques, essential for  permanent instruction and self-instruction.

    c)                          Education in the spirit of respecting the fundamental rights of the human being, the dignity and tolerance, the open exchange of opinions.

    d)                         Cultivating respect for the nature and for the environment.

    e)                          Balanced development of the individual through physical and health education.

    f)                           Cultivating love for our country, for our historical past and for the Romanian traditions.